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Do You Really Know How to Use the Oldest and Most Powerful Force in the Universe?
Every Living Soul on the Planet is Capable of Unlimited Conscious Creation through the Law of Attraction… 
But the Big Question Is... Are You Ready For This Power?
Law of Attraction Master Trainer Reveals His "Secret Weapon" To Unearth the Four Pillars of the LOA, Which Allows Anyone to Gain Extreme Mastery of the Law Of Attraction in Just Days, Instead of Months or Years.
Isn't It Time That You Too Enjoyed the Universe’s Unlimited Abundance With Full Confidence?
From the Desk of Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.
Clinical Hypnotherapist,
Law of Attraction Master Trainer
Dear Friend,

Have you ever thought of the possibility of consciously creating your physical reality so that it will conform to every desire and dream that you have ever had?

Have you ever wanted to have full control of what’s happening in your life so that worries and stress would just begin to melt away?

If you said yes to any of my questions, you’re in for a very special surprise today. But before that, let me introduce myself.
Happy Customer, Happy Town
My name is Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. and for over 25 years I have helped thousands of people across the globe achieve their goals and dreams.
In the time that I have been refining my own mastery of hypnosis, I had also been closely studying the Law of Attraction, because it is the central force that holds together the Universe and everything in it.
The Law of Attraction is the oldest and most powerful natural force in the known Universe. It is not just an academic concept; it has existed for billions of years.

And as the human race has also recently discovered, the Law of Attraction is also present in our lives and functions whether we acknowledge its power or not (like gravity). Since it’s a primeval natural force, it is unstoppable…

And this is actually the BEST THING about the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction works on the principle of reflection. Each person sends out specific vibrations energies to the Universe. These energies are then reflected back to the originator (that’s you and me).
The problem is that not many people know what exactly they are transmitting to the Universe.
When you transmit a particular vibrational energy, the Universe responds through the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction works in a person’s life through conscious creation. Or sadly in many cases, unconscious creation. This means that 90% of the time, we attract things that we don’t really want for ourselves like sadness, failure, bad relationships, debt, etc.
You can unwittingly attract the wrong things into your life. And you would have to deal with the short term and long term consequences of what you have attracted. The Universe doesn’t know what’s good or bad for people – it just reflects whatever is sent to it.
The Law of Attraction is responsible for making creation possible at all times and regardless of the circumstances.
When I was young, I always thought that we were somehow victims of circumstance and that we really had no control of what was happening in our lives. I believed in this until I noticed something peculiar – some people were somehow able to step out of their old lives to live magnificent new lives filled with happiness and satisfaction.
What was their Secret? Why were they able to do it?

After a time, I discovered the Law of Attraction myself… and my life was never the same again... But unlike other people who just used the same techniques over and over again (sometimes in futility), I realized that there had to be an easier way to use the Law of Attraction.

To many, the Law of Attraction appears to be this large, monolithic tower that has to be conquered before you start seeing any results. It can be this way… If you don’t know how to use the NICE Technique.
The NICE Technique is the revolution in the Law of Attraction. With it, conscious creation is achieved in just 4 easy steps.
You heard me right – it is possible to take advantage of the most powerful natural force in the Universe in just 4 easy steps.
Conscious creation of your dreams, goals and desires will begin to take place immediately after you have succeeded in completing the first step.

Things will begin to fall into place more rapidly as you approach the third and fourth steps… But don’t worry – the NICE Technique is the simplest and most effective way to utilize the Law of Attraction.

No more guesswork, no more hit and miss! Use the NICE Technique every time you need to consciously create something in your life. Need a genuinely rewarding relationship? Use the NICE Technique to attract the love of your life. Need a better job or business? The NICE Technique will help you develop new skills and refine the old ones so your dream becomes possible.
Every desire requires a particular imagining. In the end, the Law of Attraction reflects the sum total of your vibrational energies to make it all possible.
Now, in all the time that I have been closely studying the four pillars of the Law of Attraction, I have been able to develop a special system for anyone who wishes to use the NICE Technique, too. Let me show you what I have in store for you...
Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.’
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NICE Law Of Attraction: 
Finally Master The Law of Attraction In 4 Simple Steps

“NICE Law Of Attraction” is the fastest and easiest way to get great results with the LOA in the shortest possible time. With it, you will be able to consciously create anything that you have ever dreamed of in life. The only limit is your own ability to dream and want things.
I can’t show you everything here, but I can give you an exclusive preview. Take a peek at what’s inside:
Module 1: Introducing the N.I.C.E. Technique
  •  Discover the easiest and most effective way to apply the Law of Attraction in your life
  • ​What makes the N.I.C.E. Technique more effective than more traditional routes and approaches? …And why is it 10 times more likely to have a permanent, positive impact in all dimensions of your life? 
  • ​What exactly happens when a person starts using the NICE Technique? 
  • ​Uncover the FOUR PILLARS of the NICE Technique – build your mastery of this effective method from ground up! 
  • ​What are the true functions and powers of the Subconscious Mind? 
  • ​The number one advantage of the NICE Technique and how it radically changes your subconscious mind so you can manifest your biggest dreams faster than ever before 
  • ​Change the vibrational energies that you are sending out to the Universe – are you transmitting energies at the right frequency or not? 
  • ​Gain access to the Master Key of the LAW OF ATTRACTION – discover how you can begin enjoying the best that the Universe’s bounty has to offer through the NICE Technique 
  • ​What are the pivotal changes that will occur at the core of your being when you use the NICE Technique?
Module 2: Preparing to be NICE
  • ​The NICE Technique revolves around four core principles (Taking Notice, How to Intervene, Incorporating Change & Embracing the New You). 
  • ​Let me show you the easiest way to apply these four core principles so that the full power of the Law of Attraction will be unleashed in your life. Are you ready for the New Power that you are about to get from the LAW OF ATTRACTION? 
  • ​Ever wanted to free your mind from limiting habits and beliefs? Now would be the perfect time to accomplish this!  
  • ​In Module 2 you will learn exactly how to achieve an open mind so that you will never be cut off by your own beliefs from vital opportunities to manifest your own desires.  
  • ​Limiting beliefs and habits can sabotage how the Law of Attraction works in your life… Make sure this doesn’t happen to you! 
  • ​Let me ask you this: are you really in control of your life? Find out how you can take full control of your destiny from this day going forward.  
  • ​Too often we let undeserving people grab the reins and dictate the direction of our lives. By taking control of your personal destiny, your personal power shines thorough and provides the guiding light to your new journey to happiness and complete life satisfaction.
Module 3: Taking Notice
  • ​Discover how the Law of Attraction is actually working in your life right now. Are you benefitting from the Law of Attraction because of how you think and act? Or are you suffering because you’ve been sending the wrong message to the Universe all along? 
  • ​Too often people forget that the LAW OF ATTRACTION is always working in a person’s life. It has always been there, actively shaping my life and yours. The big question is: do you know how it is shaping your destiny as we speak? 
  • ​Find out how your own thoughts and beliefs are changing your physical reality. In this module, I will hold your hand and guide you so you can begin to see how your past, present and future are harmonized with the Law of Attraction. I will help you establish the vital links between these three points in your life and I will also show you how they are all connected to the LAW OF ATTRACTION. 
  • ​Are you capable of detecting and removing the negativities in your own life? With the NICE Technique you will be able to see clearly for the first time the individual negativities that are causing big and small losses/failures in your life.  
  • ​After Module 3 you will be able to identify even the most subtle negativities that are affecting your ability to consciously create positive and rewarding things in your life. 
  • ​Remember: each person sends out a special frequency to the Universe. You need to watch what you are transmitting because that’s what you are going to get in the end!
Module 4: How to Intervene
  • ​In the Intervention Phase, you will begin to see yourself in an exciting new light: as a powerful LAW OF ATTRACTION master who is capable of making essential changes whenever the need arises.
  • ​You will become your own beacon of wisdom and hope because you will know how the LAW OF ATTRACTION works and how you can take full advantage of it. It costs nothing to bring unlimited abundance into one’s life! 
  • ​What makes you your worst enemy and best partner in success? In Module 4 we will walk through the essential truths behind beliefs and how they actually affect a person’s ability to manifest the best things in life.  
  • ​When a person doesn’t know how to take advantage of positive action and affirmative thinking, he loses a huge advantage when it comes to utilizing the Law of Attraction. 
  • ​Start using creative visualization so you can consciously change the direction of your current path in life. Sometimes, years of failure and unhappiness can make a person feel that he has nowhere else to go.  
  • ​This is untrue and here’s why: the human mind is powerful that if you discover how to tune it with creative visualization, it will begin letting go of old beliefs to accept newer, more powerful beliefs in a short span of time. Help your mind grasp the Law of Attraction and it will do the rest for you.   
  • ​After reprogramming how your mind holds on to certain beliefs through creative visualization, you will be able to make vital changes in your life that wouldn’t have been possible if you had been travelling your previous road in life. 
  • ​The NICE Technique will help you escape old cycles of behavior that are preventing you from manifesting the life that you really want for yourself.!
Module 5: Incorporating Change
  • ​Module 5 is all about the great changes that will be taking place in your life as you prepare for the limitless abundance from the Universe itself.
  • ​When you make a conscious effort to change negative and limiting beliefs, your vibrational energies also begin to change. When your vibrational energies start transmitting the right signals to the Universe, success becomes imminent (not just possible!). 
  • ​It’s time to start changing your destiny with Fuel for the New Fire. The Law of Attraction doesn’t choose what kind of vibrational energies to act upon. 
  • ​So if you are transmitting negativities to the Universe, you will end up attracting more of the same. Fuel for the New Fire means you are trying to attract great things into your life from now on.  
  • ​All your energies will be dedicated to creating a maximum, positive impact on your life as a whole. No more wasted energy and you will definitely feel reinvigorated with a new zest for life because you will be seeing the successes that you have been dreaming of.  
  • ​In Module 5, I will teach you how to use every ounce of success and failure to fan the flames that will transform your life. You will never fear failure again because I am also going to reveal to you how you can use failure to your advantage. Many people fear failure – I’m going to show you how to use it to make yourself stronger than ever!
Module 6: Embracing the New You
  • ​How can you completely embrace the majestic transformation that occurs when you place the Law of Attraction at the forefront of your life’s journey? What happens when you perform the final and most important step in the NICE Technique?
  • ​What can you do when your past negativities begin tugging at you, asking for you to return to your old ways? 
  • ​How to improve your ability to remain in the positive path of real, permanent change that will allow you to keep manifesting your dreams and desires 
  • ​Learn the Secret Step that instantly reinforces the positive impact of the Law of Attraction and allows you to magnify your natural power to consciously create in any area of your life 
  • ​How to reinvigorate your spirit and motivate yourself to continue with your quest for genuine happiness and satisfaction in life
Module 7: Times to be NICE In Your Life
  • ​It’s time that you gained expert insight on how the Law of Attraction is present in the various dimensions of human life. In Module 7: Times to be NICE In Your Life, you will see the natural connections that we have with the Universe through our common pursuits and aspirations.
  • ​Establishing this connection with the Universe is important if you wish to continue utilizing the Law of Attraction consciously in your life. This is not just about the NICE Technique – the focus is really the oldest and most powerful force in the Universe: the Law of Attraction. 
  • ​Ever wondered if the Law of Attraction had an effect on personal relationships? It does: it actually determines the outcomes of each relationship that you begin! 
  • ​Let me show you how you can attract the perfect partner or maintain a genuine, loving relationship effortlessly.  
  • ​Each person transmits a unique vibrational energy that helps create a specific type of relationship – it’s important that you are able to adjust your relationship energy so that it is aligned with what you really want and love.
Module 8: Sharing the NICE Technique
  • ​Once you’ve mastered the NICE Technique, you can begin using it to empower those around you. This is allows you to refine your own mastery of the Law of Attraction because it will permeate your words, deeds and how you communicate with others.
  • ​Law of Attraction for Learners. You will be amazed as to how much any student can improve if he or she is taught the Law of Attraction. The LAW OF ATTRACTION can teach a student how to manage his time and even how to get better grades at school. The power to change is already within a person… The only thing missing is the Law of Attraction! 
  • ​LAW OF ATTRACTION & Parenting. Can the Law of Attraction help our children? Yes it can! The NICE Technique can help a child accomplish great things during the crucial years where self-image issues and peer pressure can divert a child’s attention from the better choices in life. If you want your child to become even more successful in the present time, it is never too early to start teaching him about the Law of Attraction. 
  • ​LAW OF ATTRACTION & Business. Leadership becomes much easier if you are able to use the principles of the NICE Technique. Find out how the Law of Attraction fits into any business/administrative model. Whether you are a business owner or a project manager, you will benefit greatly from knowing how the LAW OF ATTRACTION can increase productivity, boost workplace motivation and lots more!
FREE Bonus
Included as a FREE bonus is a complete transcription of the entire course! This means that in addition to the 8 audio modules, you also get a full transcript of every word as a downloadable PDF. This is easily valued at $19.95 itself but it’s yours FREE!
Complete transcription of the entire course! Yours FREE!
100% Money Back Guarantee... 
No Questions Asked!
Even with the LOW investment of $5 today, I still want to take away all the risk.  You have a full 60 days to put my claims to the test.  If you're not happy... FOR ANY REASON... just send an email to support@niceloa.com and you will get an immediate refund... no questions asked!
Regular Price $97 - Today Only $5
Only you would have the power to change your life through the LAW OF ATTRACTION. If you want success and even more happiness, it’s time to decide. Click the link above to get the NICE Technique right now!
To Your Success,
Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.

P.S. Why spend hours through trial and error if you can get it right the first time? Try the NICE Technique today!

P.P.S. The NICE Technique is simple and works for everyone. No degree in rocket science needed.

P.P.P.S. Transform any area of your life that you want to improve. No boundaries, no limits.

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